Many houses have the problem of mold growing on the roof. Molds are very dangerous because they can even pose health risks if not removed in time.

Homeowners have been trying to get rid of the mold, but many of them don’t succeed. This is because in most cases, they use the wrong ways of removing them. If you are one of those that have been trying to eliminate mold from your roof without success, this article will help you to know how to do it.

Mix up your cleaning solution

The first thing to do for you to clean mold successfully is to choose the cleaning material to use. It is advisable to use a powerful chemical agent like chlorine bleach. Mix it with water, and trisodium phosphate.

Ensure you spray the entire roof thoroughly

You will be required to use a pump sprayer to scatter the solution over the whole roof. While spraying ensure you prevent the cleaning solution from draining in your direction by beginning with the lowest part of your roof and work towards the top. When you finish spraying every part of the roof, let the solution drain for 15 to 20 minutes before you start attacking the mold. Ensure you apply the solution when the weather is cold and cloudy to avoid evaporation.

Scrub away the thickest buildup

After you spray your roof, ensure you remove the entire mold by using a long-handled brush. While using the brush, your attention should be on the areas that are hard to reach for example where the shingles overlap. To avoid breathing the mold particles, ensure you wear a respirator.

Rinse the roof

When you are through with everything, make sure that you rinse the roof with water to leave it dry. Empty the pump sprayer you used and then fill it with water. Every part that the roof that the cleaning solution came into contact with should be rinsed. If you don’t do this, the roof, the chemicals you used can destroy your roof or even cause discoloration.

Install zinc strips or copper flashing

This is the easiest way to remove mold from your roof. By installing these metals in your roof, trace amounts will wash down the roof when it rains which will help to keep mold away.

In conclusion, removing mold from the roof is the easiest task to do. But this is possible if you use the right ways. To remove mold successfully from your roof, mix a cleaning solution, use a spray pump to spray the entire roof, use a brush to scrub away the thickest buildup and rinse the roof. By so doing, there will be no mold in your roof.

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