bathroom floor

So where do you need to begin? One of the main concerns when choosing the best type of flooring for your bathroom is usually the moisture that occurs if when you do not have leaky pipes. Now choosing the best can be tricky as there are a variety of bathroom flooring materials. The best thing is that here I will provide you with the best alternatives to choose from so you do not really have to be overwhelmed. The following is the breakdown of the best among them:

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl is one of the best choices to make as first, it has a low cost of installation as well as ease installing. It has several designs and styles you can choose from that suits you. It is also easier to clean with high durability. You would also like its dirt and water resistant which will be perfect bearing in mind that the bathroom is the most place susceptible to high moisture. It will have saved you some coins for cleaning molds that appear due to the moisture levels. You will like that, don’t you? Additionally, it is softer on the feet making it a more comfortable surface.

Porcelain tile

Porcelain is second to none. It resists staining thanks to its hard exterior, also it resists bacteria, water, and odors. It is definitely a great choice for your bathroom flooring as it is considered impervious also to moisture. If your drains are clogged, water is pouring on the floor, and you need septic tank pumping, you better have porcelain. It allows customization of style that you can create that unique design you desire.

Stone or ceramic

Top of the list? Definitely, has to be. It poses every single requirement that is needed for a bathroom flooring. It is durable, easy to clean and will always look clean. It is waterproof as well, basically, it promotes hygiene when you have it installed in your bathroom. Through time although it accumulates dirt with its grout, other than that it is great.

All these are best choices to make only that you now factor in your budget and maintenance requirements.

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